Saturday, October 24, 2009

Samply sound thingies

Click above for samples. Had to take down the player as it kept wiggin' out. Now have direct links only.


So this, in my opinion, is the mothership!
From what i've heard, nothing sounds quiet like a Univox Super-Fuzz.

Well that's what i thought.

Thanks to a couple of local AGGH's (cheers men!), I have managed to finally A/B the
Slant6Super (I will probably call it the Slant6Super when i get organised...)with a real Univox Super-Fuzz (the orange one)

I challenge anyone to pick the difference...well, maybe not. It's so damn close i have to say that i was very pleasantly surprised. This is the first time that i have laid eyes on a real Super and being able to say that they are sonically, so close to identical, is pretty pleasing!

The 'benchmark" Super had those little ball type 537G trannies. I assumed these to be of a pretty low gain and i didn't think my 828 driven Super would cut the mustard. Man, was i surprised when it dialled in easy as you please. I reckon 53* transistors can provide a slightly fatter bottom end in my opinion but you can pretty much dial in where you need to be with either, of any gain. I hand pick and match them all anyway.

Currently trying to put one together with a combination of 828 and 536 trans along the lines of the Unicord Super-Fuzz.

Also, I've made the tone switch a stomp so that you can change up on the fly, along the lines of the Giannini version. Comes with true bypass and 2.1mm adaptor and indicator LED.

As you can see, they're practical, not pretty!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I also make this...

I call this the JackInABox as it's basically Mr White's sound.

In a box!

And this is the Big Knob (for obvious reasons)

This is fashioned on the ColorSound One Knob fuzz. A great little fuzz with a big sound!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well, the samples are up, like 'em or loathe 'em.

If you want to avoid the dreaded 'E vil bay' and order direct, just drop me a mail at

You can pay with paypal or bank deposit and i will back my pedals all the way. If it fails, just get it to me and i'll replace or repair (beer and vomit damage not covered)

A couple of my pedals are now available at Tym Guitars in Brisbane. Double devil horns to the guys at Tym's. Check'em out. Even if you don't buy my stuff, you'll find something there.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Why Why ....

Would I do such a thing?

I like Fu Manchu and Mudhoney, Dinosaur jr etc etc, therefore, I like these:

and these .....

amongst others.

Unfortunately these are hard to find and cost a sh*tload. Therefore I decided to make my own, which is why i made the Jackinabox first.
Go figure...

Now due to our capitalist society's economic downturn, my daytime job is decaying into unsupporting economic territory so I now offer practical pedals, not pretty, to the people, at peoples prices!

Viva Mike's Garage!
Practical pedals for the impoverished!
Practical, not pretty... or Boutique!!!